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0 comments: Legal Our site is simply a guide to what is available on the Internet. We try to help you find the best files for you to download, and we link you to the sources. We take no responsibility for the files or sites available for download from outside our site. This site is for educational purposes only.T2){ref-type="table"}. The heterogeneity was demonstrated to be significant (*P* = 0.007). The OR value for the CC genotype was 0.54 with a 95% CI of 0.32--0.90 and for the TT genotype was 0.57 with a 95% CI of 0.37--0.89. The stratified analysis by ethnicity showed a significant decrease in the overall cancer risk for the CC genotype in a Caucasian population ([Table 4](#T4){ref-type="table"}). In addition, stratified analysis by the source of control did not show any association between the *LEP* rs7799039 genotypes and the risk of colorectal cancer, and the OR values for both Caucasian and Asian populations were consistent with the overall pooled OR. The stratified analysis according to the tumor site was not conducted, because only one study included in our meta-analysis included patients with cancer of the colon and rectum. ![Forest plot of the association between the *LEP* rs7799039 polymorphism and colorectal cancer risk in the allele contrast model. The pooled odds ratios (ORs) and their 95% confidence intervals (CIs) are shown. The square represents the OR and the size of the square indicates the weight of the study in the meta-analysis. The diamond represents the pooled OR and its 95% confidence interval](PM-13-642-g001){#F1}

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